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This monthly audio newsletter provides updates and information about my current podcast project: Traveling My Roots. I’ll be taking you behind the scenes, sharing insights and reflecting on what I’m learning along the way.

Why audio? I’ll be traveling a lot and practicing self-care in between. I’d rather talk to you than write at you. And honestly, there’s something I love about the idea of listening to a newsletter rather than reading it in my inbox. Think of it as an informal mini-podcast sent directly to you.

About the Project

I’m currently gathering audio and experiences for a limited series, narrative podcast. You’ll join me as I journey to where my adoptive and biological ancestors are from. Along the way I will explore my family roots, Black history, the immigrant experience, the complexities of adoption and being biracial – and ultimately my own identity. 

I’ll start in North America. I’ll head to South Carolina to research my enslaved ancestors, then to Arkansas’ historic Black towns where my family lived after slavery. I’ll go to Wisconsin where my immigrant Sicilian family lived, and to Texas to explore a genetic detective theory about my handsome great-grandfather who was popular with the ladies. I’ll also visit Virginia, New York and Montreal.

Next I’ll travel internationally - to Ireland, Scotland, Sicily, Albania, Ghana, Benin, Mozambique and South Africa. Each location will come alive through conversations with family members, local historians and genealogists. 

The show will offer a window into what the new DNA travel trend is about – demystifying the process, providing genealogy tips, and inspiring you to uncover hidden family histories and embark on your own heritage travel adventures.

About Me

I’m a travel podcaster known as Jet Set Lisette, and host of the award-winning Globetrotter Lounge Podcast and creator of the online course, Jet Set 101: Becoming a Travel Hacker. I am also a Wanderful Resident Expert.

I’m also a Black biracial adoptee. A few years ago, I took a consumer DNA test to gain insight into where my African ancestors were from. I knew about my White birthmother’s family history, but nothing about my Black side.

I eventually found myself on a genetic detective adventure filled with remarkable twists and turns, and unbelievable surprises. In the end, I successfully identified my Black biological father and family – solving a life long mystery (and yes I’m going to have to write a book). Knowing my full heritage, I am now ready to pursue one of my biggest dreams – to travel my roots.

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