About Me

Lisette Austin

I’m a podcaster, writer and emerging audio storyteller. I am host  and producer of the award-winning Globetrotter Lounge Podcast, interviewing women who have found creative ways to travel more. (Listen to Season 4 episodes that are relevant to Traveling My Roots.)

I appeared as guest host for the Adoptees On podcast, and was co-host, editor and producer for the first season of the Nav.it podcast. My previous professional experience includes freelance writing, web design and  academic research. 

I am also creator of the online course, Jet Set 101: Becoming a Travel Hacker.



Answering a few questions…

Where are you planning to travel?

My current DNA travel list: Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ireland, Scotland, Sicily, Albania, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal and Nigeria.

What have some of your day jobs been?

I have worked for over a decade as a web designer, and before that was a freelance writer and editor. I also worked part-time as an academic researcher for 20+ years, managing community-based research projects with Native American communities.

What is a surprising fun fact about you?

I was a professional Brazilian Samba dancer and co-founder of a small Brazilian dance company that performed for over 10 years. (Think sequin bikinis and huge feather headpieces and backpieces.)

How long have you been in reunion with bio family?

I first contacted my birth mom in 1999, and later entered into reunion with my brothers on that side. I found my birth father using DNA matching in March 2020. I have two more siblings on his side, and large families on both sides. It has all been a blessing.

Where do you call home?

I was born, adopted and raised in Seattle, WA. I still live in the Seattle area – I’m a rare, homegrown Seattleite.

Daily morning routine?

Meditation, writing, then a cardio or weightlifting workout. Then I’m usually lost in studying narrative podcasting, doing genealogy research, or trip planning.

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